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Strike for fair pay in higher education

October 23, 2013

On Thursday 31 October all the unions in Higher Education will take strike action in support of a better pay deal for this year. The action by UCU, UNISON and Unite, is the first strike over pay in universities since 2006 and the first time the three main higher education unions have taken coordinated action.

Since 2008, University staff have been offered a pay rise of just 1% this year, which means they have suffered a pay cut of 13% in real terms since October 2008. Will Hutton recently described this in the Observer as “one of the largest sustained wage cuts any profession has suffered since the Second World War”.

The squeeze on staff pay comes at a time when pay and benefits for university leaders increased. There have also been cuts in this period to student support staff.

The pay of university leaders has risen, on average, by more than £5,000 in 2011-12, with the average pay and pensions package for vice-chancellors hitting almost £250,000.

The widening gap between the big earners and the rest is just one reason why staff in our universities are prepared to take strike action over pay.

We ask you to support us in this action.

Follow the hashtag #fairpayinHE on Twitter for updates.

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