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Campaign to Reclaim Our University

November 25, 2013

The time has come for staff and students at Ulster to take back our University for teaching, learning and research, with the levels of support for students which once ensured we were seen as a University to which the most vulnerable students could turn with confidence. The unions believe such a campaign is necessary because, unfortunately, the level of support for students is no longer sufficient even for students from more traditional backgrounds and without additional needs.

The ongoing erosion of student services, increasing workloads for all staff as a result of restructuring and the continuing restructuring even after cuts in staff costs had saved the University £10 million in the year ending 31 July 2012 alone – all of these are reasons why we need to say enough!

Restructuring is still taking place across many areas including ADL, ISD and Estates, with no apparent overall strategic plan etc. As with previous restructurings, there will be impacts on lecturing staff and students, again increasing workloads for staff and leaving students without the support to which they are accustomed. 


Because of the way in which restructuring has happened, without any proper strategic planning, we have now slipped so far down the league tables, we need to urgently change the direction our University is taking. Senior management seems to think it can carry on regardless. As staff and students at the University, we need to work together to work to stop any further deterioration in the quality of the student experience.

There will be meetings this week to discuss how to take this campaign forward; all three unions will co-host. We hope as many UCU members as possible can attend:

Wed 27th          Jordanstown    Room 9F09 at 1.15

Thurs 28th        Magee             Room MD108  at 1.1.5

Fri 29th             Coleraine        Room  LT9  at 1.15

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