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Students put at risk by the restructuring of support services

April 1, 2014

UCU has voiced grave concerns that the restructuring of Student Support Services at the University of Ulster will lead to students dropping out because of inadequate provision of care and support.

Cut backs to disability support, a complete axing of campus nurses, reduced financial advice services and the outsourcing of all counselling have been rushed through with a disregard for best practice in the area and without proper consultation with students and staff.

UCU has called upon the university to halt the restructuring until a Review Group can be reconvened, with the aim of making sure that any changes in student support are fit for purpose.

A spokesperson for the union said, ‘The University of Ulster has, up until now, been a leader in the UK in widening participation and in providing the sort of support and pastoral care that is invaluable to students from groups in society traditionally under-represented at University level.

‘We are concerned that these ill-conceived cutbacks will have a detrimental impact upon the student experience at the University of Ulster and undermine the university’s good reputation.

‘Students from all walks of life and the parents of young people in higher education, need to be sure that that universities can provide a safe and supportive learning environment. That is why UCU wants the changes made to Student Support Services at the University of Ulster revisited and reviewed urgently.’

The UCU at Ulster’s full response to the restructuring is available to download here.

UCU’s response to Student Support Services restructuring

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