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Campaign to save Housing Management degree at Ulster

June 24, 2015

A campaign with more than 100 supporters has been set up to save the Housing Management degree in Jordanstown. BSc Housing Management was a casualty when Ulster management announced in February 2015 that it was axing more than 50 undergraduate courses. Campaigners who include students, former students and staff from local housing organisations are petitioning the Chair of Council to ask the university to reconsider.

Noting that the course has provided graduates with ‘professional skills for professional life’ allowing them to make a ‘real difference’ to society, supporters find it ‘perplexing’ that the university is cutting a course with excellent placement and employment prospects in a financial climate that is making its graduates’ skills more important than ever.

The course has guaranteed one year salaried placements in leading housing organisations across the UK and Ireland as part of its employability package. Ironically one member of staff recently won a UK wide award for outstanding contribution to undergraduate employment at the very time the course was closed without consultation.

Supporters of the campaign say the closure raises questions not only for Ulster staff and students but also for the local community ‘particularly at time when the “Homes for Britain” Campaign and the All Party Group on Housing in Northern Ireland are focusing all their efforts on delivering more homes and improved housing outcomes for those in urgent need’, and we are seeing massive investment in social housing in RoI. Housing organisations across the UK and Ireland have stated that they have been relying on continued graduate recruitment from this course, particularly given there is a major shortage of young people working in the sector. Lack of good housing and tenancy support is linked to poor physical and mental health, risk of suicide, lack of educational attainment and employment opportunities. The continuation of the Housing degree at Ulster is thus crucial if we are to support the most vulnerable in society.

To find out more or to support the campaign go to #SaveHMDegreeUU

To sign the petition go to:

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