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Senior managers at Ulster University second highest paid in the UK in a year of mass lecturer redundancies.

July 10, 2017

Senior managers at Ulster University are the second highest paid in the UK, according to the Times Higher Education Pay Survey 2017. Of the 162 universities in the UK, only King’s College London pays its senior managers more than Ulster. The recently published figures for 2015-16 list Ulster University’s ‘managers, directors and senior officials’ as receiving an average salary of £89,414, more than one and a half times the UK average, and almost exactly twice as much as the average salary of a lecturer at Ulster.

The University and College Union (UCU) branch president, Tracy Irwin, said, ‘A university should exist to educate and enable our young people and provide ground-breaking research. These outrageous figures illustrate the increasing shift in Ulster University’s resources towards an inflated managerial level that seeks to run our university like a business.

‘Our senior management should be ashamed of themselves. These figures are from a year when they made unnecessary cuts that that saw over 140 of our lecturer colleagues lose their jobs. At the same time our management were being paid on average twice as much as a lecturer, and our Vice Chancellor was putting in place an extra layer of senior managers’.

The figures also show significant gender pay gaps for all categories of staff, most notably a gap of 9.7% in the non-professorial senior academic category. Tracy Irwin continued: ‘Ulster University management do a lot of talking about commitment to Athena SWAN, a body that recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working higher education and research, yet they stand over blatant inequity in pay. Our management have a lot of work to do if they are to truly value our female colleagues.’

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